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Photography and Galleries

How Do We Get A Gallery Up Onto Your Site?

The easy answer here is to commission us to take some photos of your band at a live gig - our rates are very reasonable. Occasionally we take photos on spec if we are at a gig, which also go on the website.

Can We Use Your Photos On Our Band Website/MySpace?

If you have commissioned us to take photos of your band then yes, you may use them on your webpages. If we have taken photos of your band on spec please email us to ask if you can use them - we like to know where my photos are being displayed and normally charge a small fee for these images.

How Long Have You Been A Photographer?

I started photography in 1992, and at the time my boyfriend was in a thrash metal band so I kind of fell into taking photos for them to use for promotion purposes. I then went on to take photos of many other Bedfordshire based bands before moving to Bournemouth to complete my HNC in photography in 1998. Since moving to Bournemouth I have been working with local bands, promoters and venues taking live, location and studio photos. Having always had a passion for both music and photography it seems the natural thing to be doing!

What Services Do You Offer?

If you are in the music industry and want photos for any purpose we can help. We are also able to offer video recording of live events. If you need a band website, we can put very quickly put something together combining a photo package, with a website that hooks into the BournemouthGigs database system. Please email us with your requirements and we can let you know our rates - don't worry... We know that bands never have much money.

Advertising and Listings

How Do I Get My Band/Venue Listed?

Tell us about your gigs! We spend a lot of time searching out info for the site, but you can easily make sure your gigs get listed just by emailing them to us

My Band/Venue Was Listed But Now It's Disappeared

Thats not technically a question... However it probably means you don't have any gigs coming up. If you don't have any gigs, then we assume you're no longer involved with gigs in the area, and remove you automatically. You'll reapear as soon as you send us your gig listing!

Why Haven't You Listed All Of The Gigs For My Band

We simply might not know about them! Email us and tell us. However remember this is Bournemouth Gigs, so we (generally) only list events in the Bournemouth area - if it doesn't have an bh postcode, we probably won't list it, though we will make an exception if you're a local band playing a special "out of area" showcase. You can always email us and ask...

How Do I Get A Banner?

We currently give out banner space to bands that we've worked closely with, that have put our banner on their site, or simply that we think are cool and deserve promoting. If you'd like to get a banner ad for your band, then start sending us listings, invite us to some gigs, and tell all your friends about BournemouthGigs. Venues and other commercial organisatins should contact us to discuss our (very reasonable) commercial advertising rates - our banners get viewed about 500 times per day!

Where's MY Banner?

The banners are randomly selected. Of course Sod's law says that the your ad is the one that comes up the least, but the system is unbiased, and we promise that your ad should come around pretty soon.

The banner system operates like a raffle... Everyone gets a of tickets, we pick one at random, and display the winner. If you have a gig tonight you get some extra tickets.

Website Problems

The Page Doesn't Display Properly

Actually this isn't an FAQ - we rarely have problems, but we take our web pages pretty seriously. All the pages are verified by the W3C, and testing in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera, on Windows and Mac. If you do find a problem then let us know

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What's an ICS file?

If you click on the calender icon to the right of most listings, an ICS file will be sent to your computer. This is a calender event, so if you have any electronic diary software, like iCal, MSWorks or Outlook the gig you've selected should automatically get added! This may not be set up on your machine yet so the first time you need to tell the file to open in the software you use, and select the "always use this program" tick box

What's a callto: URL?

We thought it would be cool if you could click on a phone number listed on the site - after all they allways tell you to call to confirm the gig before travelling. If you've got some kind of internet phone software like Skype installed, then now you can! Again you may need to configure your machine to get this working smoothly...

Why Don't You Have A Links Page?

We're very happy to add links/banners to any relevant sites. There are already over 500 links to bands and venues websites. However we don't much see the point in having a page stuffed full of links and banners just for the sake of it. Venues and bands that are listed should have a link to their site on the relevant page - if we've missed your's just drop us a line, and we'll add it in ASAP.

Similary we display one banner at the top of the page - that way people get to see your banner rather than having it tucked away on a page no one is much interested in.

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