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Gotta Phone?

You can now get Bournemouth Gigs on your mobile phone!

Up to date Gig information on your computer screen isn't much use if you're out in Bournemouth, and didn't bring a computer with you. If only you could check gigs using your moblie phone...

If you've got a really flash phone you can probably access the full BournemouthGigs site, with full listings, galleries and maps. However chances it takes forever to load, and is almost impossible to read on the tiny screen. We've therefore built a special version of the site just for phones.

We've abreviated the text, got rid of the images, and stripped it down so that it will fit in even the most basic of WAP phones. It's even got some extra features that aren't on the main site, like the ability to call up a venue just by selecting the phone number on the screen!

For a WAP optimised version of the site load into your phone's browser. Note that this link won't work in most regular browsers (apart from Opera), as they don't understand the way phones layout their pages.

As this is a new feature it's still under development. It might not work on all phones, and the readability will depend on how big your screen is, so please email us any feedback

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