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As always we aim to get gig information to you as fast as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying live music, and less time looking for it. Well now we can let you know where to be, even when you don't have time to visit the site!

You can now have gig info automatically downloaded to your desktop every day!

RSS is a sort have cross between email and a website. You set your RSS reader (try Mozilla Thunderbird or Google Reader) and every day it will log into the site for you and download the days gigs straight to your inbox! Try bookmarking the RSS feed in FireFox to see a really neat trick. Unlike a mailing list you're totally in control of it, so if you decide you're not interested you simply tell your reader to stop fetching the info.

The Bournemouth Gigs RSS feed is and is updated daily to tell you that evenings gigs. Start up your reading software, and just double click, drag or copy/paste the feed details to create a subscription.

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