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If you want to go and watch live music in the Bournemouth and surrounding area, then this is the site for you. As you will have seen, you can search by band, by venue or by's that simple. And as it was born out of our own frustration at trying to find a band in the local area, we plan to keep it this way. We also plan to maintain a hands on approach, and over time we will be reviewing both bands and venues, in order to give you as much information as you need to have a really great night out.

Which is where all those bands and venues can be of assistance... because any information you supply us is information that we don't have to search for. The quicker we get the information the quicker all your potential customers/fans will find out about you. If you'd like to get a banner or some images of your gigs on the site, then check the FAQ to find out about our photgraphic services.

Email with any questions, information or suggestions on how we can make this site better for you.

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